TX Black Belt Academy will be hosting a Roll-a-thon and Board Break-a-thon in honor of Xiomara Rivera. She has been diagnosed with M.S. We are trying to raise money to help her with her medical bills and expenses she has and will accrue during this time of her life. She is a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu and trains at TXBBA - Fort Worth. Of course ANYONE can give! If you are a lover of martial arts and know the power it can do for someone then please find it in your heart to help Xiomara! You will not find a more loving person then her. 

Our mat will be open for anyone that would like to come be a part of this event and give...

Event is October 6th
9am-12pm Board Break-a-thon
12pm-2pm Roll-a-thon 

Boards are sold for $5 each 
Jiu Jitsu rounds are set for 5 minutes (pay per round)

Click Here to purchase shirts www.TXBBA.com/shop

If you would like to give over the internet you can visit the website iFightForXiomara.com

There is no minimum or maximum you can give! Please give from your heart. 

If you would like to host a roll-a-thon or board break-a-thon in her honor please contact Professor Donnie Bedore. 844-888-KICK

Donnie Bedore