“5 Things They Don't Want You to Know about MMA and Kickboxing classes”

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 Secret #1:  Anyone Can do it! 

Most people watch MMA on TV and think WOW that would be amazing to be able to do that! Then you think about work tomorrow and think, 7am will come early. Yes, we ALL have JOBS that we have to go to. MMA is not just for the PROS. It’s NOT just for those that can train 8 hours a day. As a matter a fact, EVERYONE can do it… train in an MMA class that is! Our classes are super fun and they are for ANY LEVEL. NO experience - NO problem 

Secret #2: Anyone CAN get better and better! 

So, what about after you get started? Our members not only see amazing results from our classes, but they down right become addicted to training! Yes, like when you are at work, thinking about training. We hear it all the time! “I could not WAIT to get to class today!” This addiction turns into becoming better and better… members DO get better in a very short time. 

Secret #3: People become Healthy Doing It 

So we might make it easy to start, and we might just get you hooked and coming back to class week after week, but...Does it actually WORK? 

The Answer is absolutely YES! 

MMA and Kickboxing is here to stay. This is not a diet (although eating well will certainly help). This is NOT a fad, 6 minute abs, do-the-minimum-and-promise-the-moon fitness craze. This is REAL work with REAL people. 

We know what makes you "tick". We know what's going to get results - weight loss, muscle growth (no we don't mean looking like some super body builder - we just mean looking fit), increased cardiovascular fitness, and an undeniable feeling of confidence, and we do it EVERY day in our classes. 

Secret #4: You Get to be Part of the family 

There are A LOT of our members that have been referred by a friend so they already have someone they know…I mean thats cool and all, but we get to know each member and they become apart of our FAMILY. We like to say those that train together stay together! This doesn't just go for families that train, but those that train with US! You will fall in love with our staff, they are SUPER caring and motivating. 

Secret #5: It Could Save your Life 

So, when you were thinking of kickboxing reading this report months before you started, you thought about self defense, fitness or maybe even just getting out of the house! These are the most common reasons why people join our classes. However, what if you never make the decision to come try a class? NO ONE gets more fit watching TV, sitting on the couch or never getting out and trying something NEW. Your HEALTH depends on YOU helping YOU! and not just your health but what about confidence! THERE is no confidence like self defense confidence. The confidence that you feel better….look better…and are able to kick butt! 

So, Here is the deal: 

We know that even as an adult its hard to try new things. This isn't made to make your feel bad for not coming and trying a class. We are just going to say you will meet people that are real and genuinely care about each member. The classes are fun AND will kick your butt! We  have no doubt you will love the classes and will tell your friends all about them! Come Try a class today!!