Reasons Why

School Pressure, Peer Pressure, Instilling Proper Values, Demanding Extra Curricular Activities

Sound Familiar?

We know what parents like you are facing these days. We’ve met thousands of parents just like you and we have to tell you, it’s a tough time for kids these days.

Most parents we meet are dealing with these daily 21st Century demands as well as they can, but sometimes the signs of the pressure are obvious. When new students come into our school we often see:

  • Inability to Focus

It’s usually not malicious, they just have a really hard time focusing.

  • Lack of Motivation

It’s really hard to be a kid and have people telling you all day what to do. Some kids just shut down and lose their sense of personal motivation.

  • Difficulty Engaging with Peers or Authority Figures

Parents often see this as a lack of respect (It’s NOT! But it’s still important to overcome).

  • Crippling Shyness

Eyes on the floor, shoulders down, frozen in fear.

  • Low Fitness Levels

Childhood Obesity isn’t just a new buzzword. When iPads and Phones are a dime a dozen, getting kids to get off the couch and move is a real challenge. 

  • Lack of Follow Through or Perseverance

It’s really hard for a child to see past the “now” and keep at something consistently.

We’ve specifically designed our classes to help your child build the life skills they need to work through their challenges and become the confident, capable adolescents that we all know they can be.