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5 Things They Don't Want You To Know About Kickboxing

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We Treat You Like You

Here’s the deal: We aren’t all equal.To some that may sound insensitive (and to others obvious), but it’s true. Some of us are tall,some short, some easily prone to extra weight, and some can eat like 11 year olds and not gain a pound.So applying a one size fits all solution to your health and fitness goals will not work. You need a tailored solution, but like most people, you probably don’t have the time or energy to seek out and implement some “perfect” plan that’ll be the silver bullet you’ve always wanted.Chances are, the perfect plan doesn’t even exist. 

So what to do? Get on a fad diet? Join a gym you know you won’t go to? If you’re like most people, the answer is just put it off – meaning nothing in your life changes.

We Get To Know You. The Real You.

Our instructors have been teaching Martial Arts for years. They’ve literally seen it all. So they’re really, really good at helping people feel comfortable in the group atmosphere of class, while still setting proper expectations at the individual level.

Everyone in every class is looking for something different, and Marital Arts is the only activity that even comes close to being able to help everyone. Our instructors take that natural knack for helping people that the Martial Arts have and apply it to you and your goals.The result is you finally getting a plan that works for you.


What should we wear/bring to class?

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing; something they can move easily in. Also, a water bottle is a great idea. Remember, we're going to be moving our bodies big time!

What is your class schedule?

Please check our schedule page for more info about our schedule. You can visit it through by clicking HERE

Times vary depending on age, skill level, etc. Fill out the form on this page so that we can find the best time for you.

If we like it, how does the signing up work?

If you enjoy the trial and you think classes will be beneficial, we will show you our different program options (there are multiple different scheduling options, payment options, and attendance options). We’ll look together at what option works best, and get you enrolled.

I have a injury/disability/challenge

You and nearly everyone else in the class. Rarely do fully healthy people enroll! Our classes are setup do work for each individual student. Although we’re positive that 99% of people reading this are right for our classes, during your Trial we will be able to tell you for sure.