I was looking for a place that can fit into MY schedule. And I found more than that. I found a family away from family( that I actually like). We found a place that takes their time in teaching our children and making sure they have an extra dose of discipline and confidence. I wouldn’t trade this place for anything.
— Patricia Rodriguez

We first started 5 1/2 years ago when my grandson was 4. He needed a strong male role model (Professor Nick and Master Tyson, turned out to be awesome examples) and something to do with a new special needs baby in the house. Ethan took to karate like a duck to water and has loved it every minute of getting his black belt and now starting on jujitsu and MMA. His little sister Brooke, wanted to take at 3 and Miss Ninfa tested her and she followed directions and started her journey in karate. I lost 50 pounds and started Karate late, but have continued to lose weight and move up the belt ranks. This generational family loves TXBBA.
— Dan Edwards

Do you want your child to be respectful, disciplined, confident, and focused? My six year old daughter started at TXBBA when she was four years old and it has been the best extra curricular activity she has ever done. She also loves going and even after two years she is still excited about it. It helps her in her sports as well as focusing in the classroom. Her kindergarten teacher said she was the most confident child in the classroom. She will get up in front a room of 100+ people and introduce herself and show her peers her karate form. She has grew and matured so much since being in karate with TX Black Belt Academy. I would recommend TXBBA to everyone who is looking for an excellent activity for their child. Not only does karate help with the disciple and respect and other core values you want for your child but it also teaches them to protect themselves without promoting violence.

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